1. Rational Criterion

                The company concerns about significance of Personal Data Protection, which is the basic rights protected by the virtue of CONSTITUTION OF THE KINGDOM OF THAILAND and PERSONAL DATA PROTECTION ACT B.E. 2562. Individuals shall put in place effective remedial measures for data subjects whose rights to the protection of personal data are violated likely to cause suffering any reputation, or expose such other person to be scorned, hated, or humiliated, in addition, individual right shall be protected and respected equally under the laws. The company accordingly announces this Announcement in the purpose of application as criteria for protection personal data of client and any related persons.  


  1. Personal Data

                Personal Data means any information relating to a person, which enables the identification of such person, whether directly or indirectly, but not including the information of the deceased persons and juristic person in particular.


  1. The restriction of personal data collection

                The collection of personal data shall be made under the purpose, scope and lawful procedure to collect restrict the extent necessary in connection with the company’s purpose only. The company shall inform the data subject to give consent in written statement and/or via electronic means provided by the company. Although the company may collect the personal data pertaining to race, religious or philosophical beliefs, criminal record ,health data, biometric data, disability, union information, identity or of any data which is relating to, the company shall require a consent from the data subject prior to of such collection, except

  1. It is a performance duty by the law for example, Personal Data Protection Act, Electronic Transactions Act, Anti-Money Laundering Act, Civil and Commercial Code, Criminal Code, Civil Procedure Code or Criminal Procedure Code and so forth.
  2. It is for the benefit of an investigation by police officer, or a trial in court
  3. It is necessary for legitimate interest of the company or person or other juristic person other than the company.
  4. It is for preventing or suppressing a danger to data subject’s life, body or health that the given consent could not be obtained at that time.

                5.It is necessary for the performance of a contract to which the data subject is a party and/or relating to party, or in order to take steps at the request of the data subject prior to entering into a contract.

                6.It is for the achievement of the purpose relating to the preparation of the historical documents or the archives for public interest, or for the purpose relating to research or statistics of company or authorized government section, in which the suitable measures to safeguard the personal data.


  1. Measure of security protection and quality of data

                Due to the perceiving of company about the security protection of personal data, the company provides appropriate measure for security protection to maintain personal data, beside, to prevent any unlawful loss, access, destruction, use, alteration, correction or disclosure, of personal data in accompany with providing the measure preventing from using such personal data unlawfully or without authorization.

                Personal Data for instance, name, ages, address, telephone number, identification number or any information relating to a Person, which enables the identification of such Person and is regarded as correct personal data. Such personal data shall be merely used with respect to the purpose of company operation as well as be protected by proper measures to protect the right of data subject.


  1. Objective of collection and use personal data

                The company shall collect, maintain and use personal data in order to provide a service for the data subject and other interest person for instance, news service, electronics service, marketing research and promotional activities, analysis and present any services or products of the company or any person who is a dealer or in relation to the company and/or other person and other purpose which is not prohibited by the law and/or binding with the existing laws or rules applicable at the present and henceforward. The data subject and others are moreover giving a consent to be carried out the sending, transferring and/or disclosing theirs personal data to company, business group, trade alliance, outside service provider, the personal data processor, institute, organization or any juristic person, who has executed a contract or in relationship with the company, regardless such a doing so has been made within a country or a foreign country. The personal data nonetheless shall solely maintain at the retention period where is necessary for the purpose of the collection of such personal data in each category. In the event of any changes of the collection purpose, the company shall notify the data subject latterly.   


  1. Limitation of use and/or disclosure of personal data

                The company may not use and/or disclose personal data of the data subject in case of failure to obtain the consent from the data subject. Such a personal data shall be used or disclosed particularly according to the purpose of company only. The company additionally may not use and/or disclose personal data of the data subject beyond such a purpose to others, unless there is a legal restriction s, for example, performance duty by law, legitimate interests of the owner of personal information, companies or other juristic person, prevention or suppression a danger for person’s life or health, performance of a contract and preparation of historical documents or research of company or authorized government section.


                But all these, the company may use an information service provided by service provider, who is a third person, designated as the personal data processor to maintain any personal data. Such a service provider shall provide suitable measure of prevention security in a manner of prohibiting to collect, use or disclose personal data of the data subject apart from herein. 


  1. Right of Data Subject
  2. Capability to access or request of personal data of the data subject such as, require for the copy of personal data observing criteria and procedure prescribed by the company or request to disclose personal data of the data subject and so on, notwithstanding, the requesting may be denied by the company by the virtue of the law or court order.
  3. The data subject is able to request for revising or rectifying any personal data which is incorrect, incomplete or not up-to-date.
  4. The data subject may require to delete, destroy or perform any actions to be untenable to identify personal data, unless in the event of conformity with relating to the law of maintaining such personal data.
  5. Withdraw consent at any time, except there is a restriction of right.
  6. Submit a complaint in the event that the data protection controller or the data protection processor including its employee or contractor violates or fails to comply with the laws of personal data protection.


  1. Rights of Data Subject who has been collected by the company prior the effective date of the Personal Data Protection Act B.E. 2562

                The data subject may request to use their right in accordance with the law, such as withdraw the consent from the company which is collected prior the above applicable law, unless there is a restriction of rights. The withdrawal of such consent will not affect the collection, use or disclosure of personal data that the data subject had previously given consent.


  1. The disclosure regarding operation, guideline and policy of personal data

                The company has a determined policy pursuant to the laws of personal data protection legislated by mean of disclosure of policy and guideline for personal data protection, including but not limited to, any amendment thereafter so as to publicize by the announcement of company or throughout website https://www.thaisuzuki.co.th

1 0.
Personal data protection officer

                The company shall designate the Data Protection Officer or DPO with respect to the Personal Data Protection Act B.E.2562 to examine any performance of the company concerning collection, use and/or disclosure of personal data abided by the law and any related whereof.


  1. Review a policy

                The company shall review personal data protection policy at least once a year or at the time of the laws has been amended.


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